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As our name, 'Fityond' suggests we want to inspire people not just for fitness, but beyond. We believe happy living is more often connected to regular physical activities which are not only fun but also keep us fit and healthy as well. When you step into your teens, play as many sports as you can, would be the best advice that’s ever given.

Though sports apparel has advanced in recent years, specific game or sport-oriented custom-made garments are still not reachable or affordable for everyone. And Fityond is here to change that beyond, bringing you comfortable sports clothing with high-quality fabrics designed through innovative technologies.

Our Outdoor & Indoor Compression Sportswear, Yoga Activewear, sports products, and accessories offer the best value propositions for people who love sport or yoga or those who at least have the heart to try. So, have a sport (or more) that you love to play? Check out Fityond - featuring the best and beyond.

Buy. Wear. Play.